- Chilam

In the complex belief systems of the ancient Maya, all things were interconnected and interdependent, including realms unseen. The Earth itself and all its inhabitants, human and animal, animate and inanimate, held sacredness or k’uh, which was continuously balanced through offerings and rituals. The keepers of this ritual knowledge were the chilam—shamans, or literally, “mouthpieces”—who interpreted the will of the gods.

The Chilam Group owns and actively manages adventure travel and hospitality businesses in the scuba diving, fly fishing, cultural excursion, watersports, beach resort and inbound tour operator markets.

In a world full of travel and leisure products designed to keep humans contained in artificial, sanitized environments, purposely devoid of opportunities to connect with nature and one another, the vision driving The Chilam Group is different:

We create and facilitate transformative, meaningful travel experiences that positively affect all who participate and the world we inhabit together.

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