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About Us

The Chilam Group

In the complex belief systems of the ancient Maya, all things were interconnected and interdependent, including realms unseen. The Earth itself and all its inhabitants, human and animal, animate and inanimate, held sacredness or k’uh, which was continuously balanced through offerings and rituals.  The keepers of this ritual knowledge were the chilam—shamans, or literally, “mouthpieces”—who interpreted the will of the gods.

Who We Are

The Chilam Group owns and actively manages adventure travel and hospitality businesses in the scuba diving, fly fishing, cultural excursion, watersports, beach resort and inbound tour operator markets.

Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with operations throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, we live and work in a region of spectacular natural beauty, steeped in history and rich traditions.

We develop one-of-a-kind facilities in remote areas that are often difficult to access and highly regulated. Our offerings emphasize authenticity and conservation over mass popularity and trends.

The Chilam Group is committed to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. For example, our dive operators have developed specialized protocol for diving in fragile environments, and they ensure that all staff, partners and guests are properly trained before they dive. Our tour operators host multi-destination trips that are supported by local, independently run businesses, and incorporate local cultural elements and native artisanal products whenever possible.

Our facilities in Xcalak, which lie within a protected natural area, are completely self-contained with elaborate, custom-built systems for conserving fresh water, processing wastewater and minimizing waste.

Our companies organize and run trips seamlessly, to the highest standards of quality. Promoting them successfully in niche markets requires a diverse executive team that is vertically integrated, with a robust and far-reaching sales and marketing arm, successful relationships with partners around the world and a strong online/IT component.

We develop and run excursion, hotel and food service operations in locations that are undeveloped or underdeveloped, often remote, to the highest standards with regard to facilities, infrastructure and service. We then add value to these operations with custom-designed sales, marketing, administrative support and infrastructure.

We build cutting-edge travel products, often in niche markets and/or with exclusive access, that involve unique experiences and revolve around our portfolio of facilities. We complement our own products with trip components run by handpicked partners so we can deliver a high-caliber, end-to-end experience to our customers.