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Published on: News

Prepping for your return…

Following the events of the last few months most of you must be wondering how we are going to be able to keep you safe when things start to re-open we go back to the “new” normal.

Like most other businesses we take our responsibility to your health and safety incredibly seriously, so we have been working on ways to try and minimize risk to you when we re-open. Although we cannot diminish all risk, we can certainly reduce it and we thought you’d be happy to read about how.

In General:

  • We will deny access to/refund customers presenting COVID-19 symptoms
  • We will make sure groups are as small as possible and only include customers that are part of that group (i.e. no non-divers with their diving partners)
  • We will display preventive measures clearly for all customers to see
  • We will encourage customer filling out documents and forms to do so electronically beforehand (whenever possible). When it is not possible, we will follow strict hygiene guidelines
  • We will encourage all customer to use e-payments or credit cards instead of cash (whenever possible)

Social Distancing procedures on-site:

  • Staff and customers should maintain a minimum safe distance of 2 meters at all times, more when possible
  • Only 1 customer will be allowed into the office at any one time
  • Tables and chairs will be placed to allow everyone to sit at a socially acceptable distance

 General Hygiene:

  • All public areas will be disinfected multiple times daily
  • All Hospitality Staff will wear personal protection (masks) and have been taught how to follow proper procedures with them
  • Everyone will be encouraged (with signage) to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Everyone will be encouraged (with signage) to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, and if they do, then washing their hands
  • After use, masks will be stored in a separate, closed container

Sanitizing Dive Equipment:

  • All equipment will be disinfected and air-dried prior to being put away
  • Only one customer will be permitted in the cleaning area at a time
  • We will provide proper cleaning chemicals that are known to kill covid-19
  • Customers will be asked to store their personal equipment on personal hangers away from other equipment and surfaces
  • Those renting shop equipment will keep the same equipment for the period of their stay and be given a personal hanger to be placed away from other equipment and surfaces
  • Customers using equipment for multiple days should clean their own equipment to prevent cross-contamination
  • Customers will be prohibited from entering the main equipment store
  • Customers and staff will be asked to disinfect their hands before touching faucets, bottles, and 1st stage connections during assembly and disassembly
  • Staff will disinfect their hands before touching any equipment, filling tanks etc.


  • We will provide gel alcohol at the entrance, counter and common areas
  • Tables will be separated to allow for social distancing
  • All staff will wear masks and will be taught correct procedures for using them
  • All menus will be wiped off with bleach, soapy water solution and air dry after each use
  • All tables and chairs will be wiped down after each use with the bleach, soapy water solution
  • All counter tops will be wiped down with solution after each use
  • Rooms will be cleaned thoroughly before guests arrive
  • Staff will be unable to enter a room without permission from the guest
  • Dirty towels and sheets can be left outside and replaced with fresh ones to avoid staff from entering guest rooms (where requested)
  • Plates, silverware, plastic containers, pots, pans, etc.) will be disinfected after use
  • All spaces will remain well ventilated

We hope that this helps to reassure you that we take your Health and Safety seriously. We look forward to seeing you all at one of our Dive Centers, Hotels or Restaurant/Bars soon!