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The Rebreather Academy

TRA is a Premier Dive Operation

The Rebreather Academy offers a premier dive operation based in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that was created specifically for, and focuses exclusively on, CCR diving.  The Rebreather Academy is the only Rebreather diving facility in Mexico that owns and operates its own facilities in both pristine deep-reef environments for deep, mixed-gas decompression diving and training as well as in the heart of the Riviera Maya’s Cave country for CCR Cave Diving.

The academy is set up to offer Rebreather Diver training at all levels; from basic, entry-level MOD 1 training on 10+ units, to advanced CCR diver training using mixed gasses, redundant rebreathers, CCR Cave diving and specialties, Side mount CCR diving as well as Rebreather Instructor and Instructor Trainer programs.


Premier Dive Operation

Focuses Exclusively on CCR Diving

Offer Rebreather Diver Training at all Levels

Stress and Worry Free CCR Diving